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Sessions A1 & C1

Jon Copley: Lecturer in Marine Ecology at the University of Southampton, UK; freelance science writer for New Scientist, Nature, newspapers and magazines. Previously a full-time reporter and news editor at New Scientist and former co-ordinator of a NERC research programme. Jon is a highly experienced broadcast interviewee, has taken part in documentaries for the BBC and Discovery Channel and frequently gives public lectures about his research in deep-sea biology. His awards include a University of Southampton Teaching Award, Biosciences Federation Science Communication Award and British Association Charles Lyell Award for Environmental Sciences. He is also Director of SciConnect Limited, a company providing training in science communication and media skills.


Session C1
Alfons Duczek: An actor and theatre pedagogist by training, Alfons has been active in the field of theatre and acting education for over 30 years. Since 2004, he has been stage director and artistic director of the theater Burgbühne in Dilsberg, near Heidelberg, DE. He works as free-lance theater pedagogist in different schools and institutes in the Heidelberg area, DE.

Session C2

Billy Uber studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin, US, and worked in the chemical industry as a research and development engineer. Since 1998, he has lived in Baden-Baden, DE, where he has been active as a language trainer, translator, systemic mediator and coach. Since 2007, he has been facilitating workshops in the fields of effective communication and leadership.