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  • Maximum recommended poster dimensions: 882 x 1,274mm (36" x 49.08") Portrait - DIN A0 Oversize Format.
  • The submission of late breaking abstracts closed on 30 July 2010.
  • The deadline of abstract submission for the first round was 15 May 2010
  • Submission guidelines are detailed below
  • Should you have any general questions about your abstract, please contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Abstract Submission Guidelines


Scientists are invited to submit abstracts for poster presentation. PhD students and post-docs are particularly encouraged to submit abstracts.

Primary and secondary subject areas must be selected upon submission.


Please note:

  • Late Abstracts:
    • Only ONLINE submission will be accepted.
    • Abstracts sent by e-mail, fax or post will NOT be considered
    • Abstracts must not advertise a commercial product.
    • Those participants who submit late abstracts will be notified of the result in August.
    • Download the PDF version of the guidelines here.
    • Late breaking abstracts submitted by 30 July and selected for poster presentation will NOT be included in The EMBO Meeting 2010 Abstract Book due to printing restrictions, however print-outs will be available at the conference. Maximum recommended poster dimensions: 882 x 1,274mm (36" x 49.08") Portrait - DIN A0 Oversize Format.
    • They will NOT be considered for oral presentation.
  • Abstracts submitted by 15 May:
    • All participants who submitted by 15 May are notified of the result by July.
    • Participants, whose abstracts are accepted, are eligible for the early registration fee - you must however complete the PDF registration form manually highlighting "early abstract" at the top of the form as online registration is not possible.
    • Successful late abstracts will be presented as posters during the conference.
    • For reference the guidelines are detailed below.
    • Abstracts submitted for the first round by 15 May and selected for poster presentation will be included in The EMBO Meeting 2010 Abstract Book.
    • Abstracts may be selected for oral presentation in workshop sessions, successful participants will be informed accordingly.
    • Maximum recommended poster dimensions: 882 x 1,274mm (36" x 49.08") Portrait - DIN A0 Oversize Format.

Abstract Submission Topics

1. Cell & tissue architecture 10. Membranes & transport
2. Cell cycle 11. Microbiology, virology & pathogens
3. Cellular metabolism 12. Molecular medicine
4. Chromatin & transcription 13.
5. Development 14. Plant biology
6. Differentiation & death 15.
Proteins & biochemistry
7. Genome stability & dynamics 16. RNA
8. Genomic & computational biology
17. Signal transduction
9. Immunology 18.
Structural biology & biophysics
19. Systems biology


To assist you in selecting your topics, more details on the scope of subject categories can be found here.



Abstract preparation

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Do not include the names of authors. Author names and affiliations will be registered separately during online abstract submission.
  • Include a brief title to clearly indicate the nature of the study. Do not use abbreviations in the title.
  • The entire abstract must fit in the text box on the online abstract form. Use "Times New Roman 8 point" font and single line spacing for all abstract text. Maximum number of characters is 2,000 inlcuding blanks but excluding the title.
  • Graphics and tables are not permitted.
  • Please check the spelling and grammar carefully. The abstract will be reproduced from your online submission - any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific data will appear in print.
  • Where possible please use the following subheadings in italic font:
    • Objectives: a sentence describing the purpose of the study
    • Methods: description of observations or experimental subjects
    • Results: description of results in a logical sequence
    • Conclusions: emphasis on important aspects of the study and conclusions drawn from them.

Poster Prizes by EMBO Publications supported by EMBO Young Investigators

The EMBO Journal, EMBO reports, Molecular Systems Biology and EMBO Molecular Medicine will award a poster prize each at the meeting.


Selections will be made by the editors and members of the EMBO Young Investigator Programme for high quality and exciting unpublished research presented in a clear and appealing manner in the  following research areas:

  • Epigenetics, non-coding RNAs and stem cell biology (The EMBO Journal)
  • Genomics, computational and systems biology (Molecular Systems Biology)
  • Molecular and translational medicine (EMBO Molecular Medicine)
  • Evolution, developmental biology and neurosciences (EMBO reports)

The awards will be presented during the closing ceremony.


Travel Grants

The following societies offered a limited number of travel grants - all submission deadlines have passed.

The Hungarian Society for Immunology (Magyar Immunológiai Társaság) - deadline: 15 July
The Portuguese Biochemical Society (Sociedade Portuguesa de Bioquímica) - deadline: 15 July
The Portuguese Microbiology Society (Sociedade Portuguesa de Microbiologia) - deadline: 15 July
The Slovenian Genetic Society (Slovensko genetsko društvo) view PDF for terms - deadline: 15 July
The Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance (participants based in Europe who are attending the satellite meeting on 4 September.) - deadline: 1 July
Stem Cell Research Italy - deadline: 15 June
The Italian Association for Cellular Biology & Differentiation (Associazione di Biologia Cellulare e del Differenziamento) - deadline: 5 June
The Italian Society for Biophysics & Molecular Biology (Società Italiana di Biofisica e Biologia Molecolare) - deadline: 3 June
The Hungarian Genetical Society (Magyar Genetikusok Egyesülete) - deadline: 31 May
The Hungarian Biochemical Society (Magyar Biokémiai Egyesület) - deadline: 31 May
The Slovenian Biochemical Society (Slovensko biokemijsko društvo) - deadline: 31 May
The Polish Biochemical Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Biochemiczne) - deadline: 15 May
The French Society for Cell Biology (Société de Biologie Cellulaire de France) - deadline: 15 May

  • Travel Grant application submission has now closed.
  • 15 travel grants were available to female participants attending the Career Day on Saturday 4 September thanks to funding received from the Robert Bosch Stiftung.